Stop the CrISIS


On Thursday December 4, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Humanity First fundraising dinner in Toronto. The purpose of the dinner was to raise funds for the victims of the Ebola virus in Africa. The video for his speech can be viewed at the address below.


During his speech, the Prime Minister had good words to say about the Jama’at. He mentioned:

  • “How important it was that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamm’at categorically and unequivocally condemned both the actions themselves and the terrorists who committed those acts.”
  • “Together we must unite around our common values — freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law”
  • “When you take your place in the public square and you proclaim love for all, hatred for none, and that however we understand God it is wrong to kill in his name, you are in a most essential way a partner, a neighbor and a friend to all Canadians.




The Prime Minister also appreciated the campaign launched by the Jama’at to counter youth radicalization in Canada. By the grace of Almighty Allah, this campaign called “Stop the CrISIS” was devised by Jama’at from the beginning of November, 2014. As part of this campaign, over 40 events were scheduled across the country out of which 30 have been successfully held till date. The rest of the events will be taking place in the next few months insha`Allah.


Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Canada played a key role in making this campaign successful. Our efforts included: generation of content for the event presentations, booking of venues, audio/video setup, and publicizing. In order to publicize each event in this campaign, Majalis across the country have been busy holding flyer distribution sessions. In total, over 100,000 flyers have been distributed so far. This required a collective effort of over 400 hours by 850 Khuddam.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, the campaign received outpour of support from print and social media as well as local public. The campaign received over 50 published news articles. Some major publications include Toronto Sun, Calgary Herald and Metro News. The campaign was also featured on CBC morning radio and television.


The campaign had special focus to utilize social media in order to reach younger audience across the world. For this purpose, a unique twitter handle called @stop_the_crisis was registered. The purpose of this twitter handle was to publicize each event of the campaign and also to interact with the audience during those events. The twitter handle now has over 500 followers out of which more than 74 are non-Ahmadi. This number is growing on a daily basis. During the campaign, we have used the #StopTheCrISIS hashtag to invoke curiosity amongst the media. On Tuesday December 2nd, we were able to trend this hashtag on Twitter in Canada for about 15 minutes! This resulted in our message reaching over 260,000 people.

By the grace of Allah, the events held under the campaign have brought the true message of Islam Ahmadiyyat to thousands of non-Ahmadi guests in Canada. The success of this campaign has ignited the hearts of our guests as well as those participating via social media. Furthermore, our events have provided much needed guidance to youth in Canada in order to prevent them from getting radicalized.